Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can Puncture-Resistant Work Boots Be Comfortable?

Stepping on nails and sharp objects happens when you least expect it, and it will ruin your day. You pull the nail out of your boot, head to the Emergency Room, get the wound treated, get a tetanus shot, and you're done for the day, barring any complications. Nail punctures can lead to infection, soft tissue and nerve damage, and can cause fractures to the fragile bones in our feet. Puncture wounds are especially dangerous if you are diabetic, since your ability to heal can be compromised. The best way to avoid nail punctures is to wear safety boots with 100% sole protection against punctures from nails and sharp objects.

Most safety boots have a steel shank that protects our feet up to the balls of the feet. Since our feet flex at the balls of our feet, our forefeet and toes are left unprotected against nail punctures. Steel adds weight to the boot, and can make them stiff and uncomfortable. Some manufacturers make insoles with a thin metal plate that address full puncture protection, but they also add weight and stiffness to the boot.

COFRA has a unique solution for puncture-resistance. Almost all of their workboots have COFRA's built-in "Anti-Perforation Textile" (APT) plate attached to the midsole of their boots. The APT plate is a tri-density weave of polycarbonate microspheres, that provide an aggressive barrier against nails, wires, thorns and other sharp objects. The APT plate is lightweight and extremely flexible, and moves very well with the foot. If a nail penetrates the rugged outsole of COFRA work boots, the worker will feel a "bump" in the shoe. The nail can be quickly removed and the wearer can resume working. Since the APT plate provides 100% surface protection against nail punctures, the need for steel is eliminated. COFRA boots have a fiberglass shank for stability.

Besides being light and flexible, COFRA work boots are exceptionally comfortable. They have high quality leather uppers and a generous, rounded composite toe safety cap, with a built-in, soft silicon ring that prevents the foot from rubbing against the toe cap. Plenty of room for toes to wiggle, instead of feeling "crimped" inside the safety toe. There's plenty of depth inside the COFRA boots to accept arch supports or custom orthotics for those suffering from chronic foot pain.

Best of all, COFRA boots are affordable. Most models range in price between $130 - $160. They are extremely rugged, and last significantly longer than many other comparable work boots. For more information or a price quotation, call us at (512) 996-0002 from 10am-6pm Central Standard Time.

Video: COFRA Footwear Explained

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