Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Asphalt Boots that Don't Give You "Hot Foot"

Asphalt and hot mix workers have a grueling job. With surface temperatures exceeding 300 degrees fahrenheit, paving crews are exposed to extreme temperatures. Frequent breaks are required for feet to cool down, and heat blisters are common. We have talked with asphalt contractors that wear "double socks" and do everything possible to insulate their feet from extreme temperatures.

We discovered COFRA boots at the National Safety Show in Chicago a couple of years ago, and we were instantly impressed with their products. Although COFRA is not very well known in the United States, they are one of Europe's top safety boot manufacturers. We were especially impressed with the "feel" of the boots, and their ability to accept arch supports or custom orthotics, if needed. There is generous toe room in these composite toe boots, and you 're not even aware that you are wearing a safety toe boot. They are comfortable, and feel completely "broken-in" as soon as you put them on your feet.

The COFRA Asphalt Boot, pictured above, is the perfect work boot for asphalt/hot mix crews.
The outsole is heat-resistant to 572 degrees fahrenheit. The boot is lined with a flexible "Anti-Perforation Textile" (APT) plate which is impervious to nail punctures and sharp objects. No stepping on nails and going to the Emergency Room. Finally, the boot has a rugged, but soft Cambrelle leather upper that moves nicely with the foot. The outsole is completely flat with no tread pattern. No picking up asphalt bits as you walk.

But perhaps the best feature of the COFRA Asphalt Boot is the heat-reflective, "Thermic" insole, which re-directs the heat coming up from the asphalt. To test the "Thermic" insole, a COFRA boot was placed in a bed of sand heated to 212 degrees Fahrenheit for 8 hours. A thermometer was placed inside the boot and the ambient (internal) temperature of the boot did not change significantly.

The COFRA Asphalt boot is rapidly gaining fans in Austin and Central Texas among paving contractors. Workers feel better, and are far more productive, because they require fewer breaks to cool off their feet. The COFRA Asphalt boot costs $110 and is extremely durable. For more information about COFRA workboots click here.

Buying COFRA Boots Online

Please note COFRA Asphalt workboots can be very difficult to find in the United States. They can now be purchased online from The Shoe Shoppe. For questions, call The Shoe Shoppe at 505-325-5050.

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